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Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Thu Jul 8 14:33:50 EDT 2004

Hmmmmmm but the impeller on the water pump is not plastic, or at least
it shouldn't be.  I run G12 (pink) in my S4 and DexCool (orange) in my
90.  The reason I have DexCool in the 90 is because I had a bad radiator
that used to throw the hose off on occasion and it was easier to find
DexCool than G11 or G12.  I now have a new radiator but see no reason to
change from DexCool as I did a proper flush before I installed it and
its silicate and phosphate free.  I did a quadruple flush before
installing the G12 in my S4 and I've had no problems so far.  The temp
gauge is always where it should be.  On another note I hear that VW is
developing a new coolant that is compatible with blue, pink and green.
Supposedly it will be purple.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Evan unknowingly cooled:

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Just purchased my UrS6 in April and was showing it off to a fellow
As we were looking under the hood, he turned to me with a horrified look
and scolded me for having "green" coolant in my car.  "It's got to be
red stuff, get that stuff out of there ASAP!">>>

As I mentioned to Evan off-list yesterday, I had recently flushed out
green stuff that came in my car with the correct blue.  Only to have my
gasket done @ NEA last week, and when I popped the hood I couldn't help
notice the NEON GREEN overflow.  I ever-so-humbly questioned Tim on it,
which he replied, "Dextron (or whatever it's called) is better than any
that other crap, I've had more water pumps, etc. get eaten with blue or
than with the green".

I wasn't about to question his infinite wisdom further.  Esp. after
such great work to my car.

So, YMMV, but until my waterpump comes out in 20-30k for a tbelt change,
running green I guess.

-Paul what do I know K.
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