[s-cars] Still more fuel pump questions

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Thu Jul 8 16:42:08 EDT 2004

Sorry about this but....I have found out that the 8A0 906 091G fuel pump
from our cars is also the V8 fuel pump after the 30000th car in 1990
(before that the V8's used the larger diameter (60 mm) fuel pump that
fits in the W895 201 779H fuel pump reservoir that the Bosch Motorsport
pump would also fit into (if I go that way).

I held a non-VDO 091G pump in my hands at lunch.  It was a Pierburg or
something like that.  Question:  are these non-VDO pumps equivalent in
terms of flow and pressure output?  Can I bench test them?  Can I test
the pump with water or does it have to be gasoline? (I know the
viscosity will be different but water is safer).  The pump that I held
in my hand was only CDN$165 (some discount, plus taxes).  (A Stealer
charged me CDN$345 sixteen months ago).  How magic is the fuel pump
reservoir extraction tool?  Zelenda apparently has them (at some cost).

Thanks in advance.

Dave F.

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