[s-cars] BMW M3 E36

Evan Levine evan.levine at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 18:00:30 EDT 2004

I'm a huge fan of the 1995-1999 M3. Hard to compare it to the URS4
though, they are very different in all aspects. The M3 is a 2-door
(unless he's looking at a sedan which is more rare), and of course,
rear wheel drive. If I hadn't been living in New Hampshire when I was
car shopping I would have been tempted to go with the M3 instead of
the UrS4.

In comparison, you're sacrificing all wheel drive for what is in my
opinion, a sportier car. In stock form you will find that the M3 is a
bit quicker than the UrS4/S6 but modifications come more easily to the
S4. It's hard to get much more power out of the M3 than BMW did
without the addition of a turbo/supercharger and then you start
playing with big bucks and big troubleshooting.

If he wants a luxurious sedan with all weather capability and a very
high "modability" then I would go with the S4.

If he wants a smaller, lighter, more nimble sports car then he might
as well go with the M3. And there are plenty of mods out there for it,
just in my opinion they cost more and don't do as much.

Obviously I went with the S4 and I certainly have no regrets. But that
isn't to say an E36 M3 isn't in the future =).


On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 16:13:22 -0500, JR <urs4 at magnaspeed.net> wrote:
> My brother is looking at a 98 M3 for sale in the area.  What does the
> group think of this car in general?  How does it compare to the URS4?
> Thanks,
> JR
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