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Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Fri Jul 9 08:33:08 EDT 2004

'95 S6 (more or less) newly RS2ed.  Purchased at 59K miles and now having 
205+K miles.  The last 10-15K running up to 28-29 psig of boost.  Yeeehaaa.

Two separate PSO replacements (well the first one was a simple wire switch 
Two separate coil replacements.
Two separate clutch replacements.  (First one when a fork broke in the OEM 
one at about 150K miles.  The second about 18 months later when the second 
one's pressure plate inexplicably simply split in two.  The second one was 
replaced free by Audi.)
One head gasket shortly after the RS2 conversion.  The original fiber 
gasket deformed and was replaced by a proper metal gasket.  This was the 
only time the engine has ever been opened.  The exposed interior parts 
still looked like brand new at that time.
Of course there were numerous upgrades - none of which were required by any 
failure of the car.

At 66 years of age (me - not the car) I'm thinking that this may well be 
the last car I ever need to purchase - unless, of course, some kind friend 
offers to sell me his slightly used RS6 for something under $10K.  :-)  Of 
course then I'd find myself at the top of another very slippery slope 
again.  :-(

JR - your roughly 100K mile urS4 ain't even hardly broken in yet.  Maintain 
it reasonably well, change the oil and filter at reasonable intervals and 
change the timing belt and water pump, etc., at 60K mile intervals (not the 
90K interval recommended by Audi), and it should last you a good MANY more 

At 08:10 AM 7/9/2004 -0400, LsClmmr at cs.com wrote:

>1995.5 S6 - 239,000 miles this week
>original: turbo/clutch/exhaust/starter/alternator/air cond/all major engine
>replaced: one coil/one POS/var suspension bits/wear items
>Burns no oil, can't hear any valvetrain noises, tranny is quiet and shifting
>Going to 300K from all indications at 30/35K miles per year..never been
>100K is not even mid life.
>Les Clemmer
>95.5S6 , not the highest horsepower but going for the most miles
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