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Bob DG bobs6 at msn.com
Fri Jul 9 11:25:41 EDT 2004

I'm about to hit 69k on my RS2'ed S6-

Second clutch- just cause
Second tranny- just cause
second exhaust- just cause
second suspension- just cause
third IC design- just cause
AC compressor replaced- falied
OEM HID headlights- just cause
Third set of wheels- just cause

and I've only had the car since 43k

looks like I'm spending some unneeded money on the car. Hmmm

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>Subject: Re: [s-cars] Miles
>Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 08:33:04 -0400
>'95 S6 (more or less) newly RS2ed.  Purchased at 59K miles and now having 
>205+K miles.  The last 10-15K running up to 28-29 psig of boost.  Yeeehaaa.
>Two separate PSO replacements (well the first one was a simple wire switch 
>Two separate coil replacements.
>Two separate clutch replacements.  (First one when a fork broke in the OEM 
>one at about 150K miles.  The second about 18 months later when the second 
>one's pressure plate inexplicably simply split in two.  The second one was 
>replaced free by Audi.)
>One head gasket shortly after the RS2 conversion.  The original fiber 
>gasket deformed and was replaced by a proper metal gasket.  This was the 
>only time the engine has ever been opened.  The exposed interior parts 
>still looked like brand new at that time.
>Of course there were numerous upgrades - none of which were required by any 
>failure of the car.
>At 66 years of age (me - not the car) I'm thinking that this may well be 
>the last car I ever need to purchase - unless, of course, some kind friend 
>offers to sell me his slightly used RS6 for something under $10K.  :-)  Of 
>course then I'd find myself at the top of another very slippery slope 
>again.  :-(
>JR - your roughly 100K mile urS4 ain't even hardly broken in yet.  Maintain 
>it reasonably well, change the oil and filter at reasonable intervals and 
>change the timing belt and water pump, etc., at 60K mile intervals (not the 
>90K interval recommended by Audi), and it should last you a good MANY more 
>At 08:10 AM 7/9/2004 -0400, LsClmmr at cs.com wrote:
>>1995.5 S6 - 239,000 miles this week
>>original: turbo/clutch/exhaust/starter/alternator/air cond/all major 
>>replaced: one coil/one POS/var suspension bits/wear items
>>Burns no oil, can't hear any valvetrain noises, tranny is quiet and 
>>Going to 300K from all indications at 30/35K miles per year..never been
>>100K is not even mid life.
>>Les Clemmer
>>95.5S6 , not the highest horsepower but going for the most miles
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