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I too have just lowered my 96 S6 with Eibachs/Bilstein. My car has dropped 20mm front and back tho back has 10mm spacer. I maintained the original camber plates. Camber after alignment is -1.3 left and -1.5 right. I was told spec is -1.3 to -0.4 - I'd point you to the ECS Tuning link that shows this but I don't have it on my office PC.

I will keep an eye on the inside edges for wear.

96 S6

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> Subject: [s-cars] Tire Wear - Lowered S6
> The subject is my treasured S6, chipped w/digital boost gauge. I have 18 inch 
> Avus wheels with SP 9000 235-40x18 tires and big reds. I installed Eibach 
> springs and Bilstein shocks lowering the car about 1-3/4 inches. (The Bilstien's 
> were harsh - the car rode as if the tires had 100 lbs of air - so I removed 
> them and reinstalled the original equipment shocks. The resulting ride is 
> wonderful.)
> With slotted strut mounts, the car aligned with camber at -1.5 deg L and -1.2 
> deg R. Specs are  - 1.1 deg to  -0.1 deg. I realized this was out of spec but 
> it was not FAR out, was it? My plan was to monitor tire wear and to replace 
> the camber plates if wear became evident.
> Well, I watched for unusual tread wear but none appeared so I concluded that 
> I had avoided the expense of a caster/camber adjustment system and was okay.
> Well, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!  I was looking in the wrong place! The tread did 
> not show evidence of excessive wear - the wear was taking place on the inside 
> shoulder of the tires.  I have never seen such wear. The inside shoulder was 
> actually worn concave and the steel belts were showing along about a foot of the 
> circumference! (Pics available, if of interest.)  This was after about 8,000 
> miles!
> Well, I ordered four new SP 9000's and 2Bennett's camber/caster system. 
> ($O,uch)  I am very impressed by how beautifully made these plates are. 
> Installation was very easy. Thanks very much for the group purchase. That really helped. 
> Alignment with the 2 Bennet System yielded -0.8 deg Left and - 0.5 deg right, 
> about in the middle of the spec, with everything else within specs. 
> I did not think being only so 'slightly' out of spec would result in such 
> spectacular wear and I wonder if it there is some other problem. Altho I now seem 
> to be within spec I will monitor tire wear, especially on the inside 
> shoulders, much more carefully. 
> My thoughts:  If you're gonna' lower, you gotta' change the plates!
> Good Luck, 
> Eric
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