[s-cars] RS2 MAF to Turbo Hose Group Buy

James Murray (QB/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Fri Jul 9 15:07:51 EDT 2004


Are there any others that want to participate in the "RS2 MAF to Turbo Hose Group Buy" ? we have 12 participants so far...

I figure this will be a 5 step program

Step 1: Get enough participation ! (Done)
Step 2: Send sample to Samco (they will evaluate costs for tooling etc...), and get everyone's ok on costs.
Step 3: Give go ahead, they build initial piece and send one back for fitment
Step 4: Production starts
Step 5: Everyone gets their new hose in the color they want !


#1: Looks damn good (the "bling bling" effect)
#2: Robust, never have to wonder or worry about this hose again...
#3: Added heat protection (bigger thermal barrier)
#4: Match your Samco set you already have (for those of you that like to collect full sets)
#5: The hose will not collapse in on itself under high "negative" boost conditions (apparently this could happen !) See: Autospeed.com series on Negative Boost.

Let me know, I will approach Samco next week....

Cheers, /James.

P.S. Anyone got a regular MAF to Turbo hose we can use as a sample?

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