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Bob Frizzell frizzellbob at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 9 21:23:26 EDT 2004

I appreciate our urS cars because they are extremely practical, easily
modified, not ostentatious, and most of the owners are enthusiasts (as per
this list).  Older BMW's are likely similar but where I live newer BMW
drivers have a reputation, they are the type who seem to want to show
they've acquired some wealth, not always through hard work on their part.
(For example, my son has a friend who's father is a lawyer (enough said?).
He inherited a large sum of money and the first thing he did was go out and
buy a new M3.)  One of my hockey playing buddies described BMW owners by a
riddle: What is the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?  If you don't
know the answer, ponder it for a while.  Of course I'm not referring to
anyone on this list because we're all quite obviously automobile
93 S4
Past owner of an old BMW 2002.

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Heh.  You talk like you've owned and driven both cars more than once.

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E36 M3 is my favorite BMW in general. Great brakes, great handling,
good power, very fun to drive. Stock vs Stock, performance wise M3
beats the UrS4 hands down, but if your brother has a family and kids
and needs a little bit more room in the back and has tons of snow in
the winter, then UrS4 is the winner.

I will own one myself some day.. oops I better stop or Dave F. will
never give me a ride in his RS2'd UrS4 :-P

Anyways, tell you brother he wont be disappointed either way. No
serious issues with those cars either, just routine maintenance. On
high mileage bimmers the vanos starts making noises, but nobody knows
how long before it completely fails. Until 120+K he doesn't have to
worry about it at all. Another issue was water pump and radiator
failure due to the fact that water early water pumps had plastic
propellers, but a new water pump with metal propellers is available
for 50$ so that should be a big problem either. 98 and 99 are the best
years so there wont be much to worry about.

Ok ok Dave I will stop now :-)


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> My brother is looking at a 98 M3 for sale in the area.  What does the
> group think of this car in general?  How does it compare to the URS4?
> Thanks,
> JR
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