[s-cars] Coming up from 5000TQ?

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Sat Jul 10 13:20:15 EDT 2004

Earlier, Robert Deis wrote:
> Hey, all, I have an 86 5000TQw that we've put a lot of time and effort 
> into and really enjoy-- but I''m getting to where I don't have the time 
> to spend anymore so I'm thinking about moving up to an S6 Avant.
> Question is:  What sorts of trouble may I expect with an S6, and will I 
> really be spending significantly less time maintaining it than the 5000?

Hi -

Other folks said the main points 
- newer technology: many things are more reliable
- probably more important to change timing belt, idler & water pump on schedule
- MUCH more opportunity to get go-faster parts  :-)
- some things never change, hydraulic bomb and hoses  :-)

I put 200K miles on an '86 5kCSTQ, and did most of the usual things
myself.  4 or 5 window switch's, 1 window lift mechanism, 1 hyd acccum
and two hyd hoses, rebuilt the steering rack, shocks, timing belt twice, 
rear brake calipers, exhaust manifold replaced, clutch & throwout bearing 
once, and I don't remember many other major repair things.  I fooled
around raising the turbo boost and blew the intercooler apart - but that 
comes under the category of self inflicted injury.

The '95 S6 has 93K miles, and the only big failure was 1st gear in the 
transmission, which gave me the opportunity (excuse) to install an 
RS2 6 speed.  I've done lots of other things as "improvements" that
didn't have to be done, almost all in the go-faster category:


To directly answer your main question, will you spend significantly 
less time maintaining it than the 5000 - I think the answer is a definite 

    - Charlie

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