[s-cars] 95.5 S6 For Sale in Detroit

EB rebank at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 10 15:33:22 EDT 2004

I have decided to sell my Silver/Cashmere S6 with 111,000 miles.  I had the car since January 2000/50k miles, having bought it from the original selling dealer where the original PO traded it in.  It feels very strong and tight.  I will be getting something that Ford can claim as theirs.  Volvo S60R?
The car needs nothing.  Just has been tuned by Mihnea with his chip set/3 bar.  Has new Strat adjustable bypass valve, Abt Michelin Man hose (same as Samco), new front suspension bushings with front Koni Yellows (adjustable) with camber plates moded per Igor.  All springs are by Abt (made by Eibach), rear struts are by Abt (made by Bilstein).  
Somehow, one of the front Abt struts wore out, so I went to Konis.  Seem to work great.  Near new Dunlop SP 5000 on stock wheels.  There is the extended warranty from Excel with ZERO deductibles, with 16 months/19,000 left.  Cosmetically, the car is excellent, although there is a small crimp just above the rear wheel well where my wife's car kissed it.  Can be fixed, but I don't have the time.  There are some expected chips on the hood, not bad.  Leather is excellent, no rips, tears, worn spots, etc.  New clear corner lenses installed a few months ago.
I had timing belt replaced (and all that goes with it, including the water pump) at about 70-75k miles.  There is a new after run pump, new driveshaft, some new suspension links...  I am sure I am forgetting some things.
I am looking for $14,500.
Please reply directly.

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