[s-cars] Just added 2nd rear fog light

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Sat Jul 10 20:58:46 EDT 2004

I've never had a need to use the rear fog light in this country, but in
Europe it often does get VERY foggy at night.  I remember once following
a BMW in Germany for many miles on back roads and the only way I was
able to see him in the very dense fog (and barely keep up!) was by
following his bright single fog light as he ripped through the
countryside.  They're invaluable in Europe, people use them a lot and
for a good reason.  

I always get a chuckle seeing German cars in this country with their
rear fogs on, I bet 90% of them have no clue they're even on or what
they're for.

-- Rich A.

>I agree with Robert, Audi designed it to have only one for a good
reason, which Robert had just stated, and, it's an
>annoying, uneeded light to begin with.

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