[s-cars] Buick Grand National comparo

Andrew Beckert abeckert at nc.rr.com
Sun Jul 11 11:26:15 EDT 2004

One of my good friends has a 10-11 second grand national.  The 
acceleration limiting factor is tire size and type on his car.  Applying 
throttle at any speed results in vicious wheel spin and blindingly thick 
clouds of smoke.  Scariest thing I've ever ridden in.  Maybe you 
encountered a rare, bonestock GN.  Stock GN is 245 hp and 355lb-ft tq 
with around 3800 lb weight.


DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:
> Has anyone ever mixed it up with a Buick GN?
> I had always heard that they were pretty quick, but was never sure how quick. 
> Last night after leaving a cruse night where one was on display, he left 
> about the same time, and he started giving me the "rasberries". I thought it was a 
> good time to find out as we had a good stretch of open road, and both 
> "squeezed it". To his surprise I stayed right with him, but couldn't gain any. I 
> thought 3rd gear would pull him but we were still a dead heat. We backed off, and 
> I gave him a thumbs up, but couldn't tell what his response was.
> Anyone else ever had an encounter with one of these? It was surprisingly 
> quick. 
> Thanks
> Dennis
> Denver
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