[s-cars] Just added 2nd rear fog light

Tony tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 11 12:01:55 EDT 2004

Hi Dave,

Why not try these to increase output...


This will give you 8W for all 5W applications but there may be a little loss
due to volt drops in the wiring around the car (read - I bet your 5W aren't
that high due to aging). I'm using these for all my 1157 applications.

96 S6

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> Sorry but I have to chime in on this one.  About 5 years ago, I
> converted both rear fog lights on my 93 S4 to two filament lampholders
> (using Audi and Nissan parts) running 5 W/21W bulbs.  The 5 W filaments
> are on all the time (I am in Canada and the DRL also turn the rear
> running lights on).  The 21 W filaments are currently used for extra
> signal lights (I didn't want to go to the Euro signal lights because you
> lose 5 W of running lights per side.)  So normally I have this
> configuration:
> 5W 5W  5W       Licence Plate     5W  5W 5W    (this is 5 W/side more
> than normal)
> When signalling left (for example)  I have
> 21W 5W  21 W    Licence Plate   5W  5W 5W     (this is 21W/side more
> than normal)
> With the Euros you normally get:
> 0W 5W    0W       Licence Plate   0W   5W  0W   (5/w per side LESS than
> normal)
> This would be asking for trouble in dark, rainy, Vancouver BC winters.
> My original intent was to a) add more light to light up the rear for
> dark rainy winters and b) figure out a way with relays or diodes or
> something so the extra 21 W filaments could be driven preferentially by
> the fog light, brake light or signal light, in that order.  But I didn't
> get ANY support (help) and I dropped the priority thing. .  However, I
> have been running the extra lights for about 5 years now and am happy.
> Dave F.
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