[s-cars] Rubber mat source?

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Sun Jul 11 14:00:37 EDT 2004

Weathertech is correct, they have those rubber mats that have all the
ribs in it that hold 2 gallons of water. Not my cup of tea, but I
thought Tony of Ottawa? might be interested.

I just bought the OEM replacments for my car from Guildford Motors
because I think they will be NLA soon.


Sean Douglas
1997 Audi S6//RS2-spec
1990 Audi 90 quattro 20v

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> Sean:  Do you want to try another link?  www.mats.com took me 
> to weathertech.com where they offered me all sorts of crap 
> but not mats, unless you call the garrish  Max Mat(tm) 
> suitable for an S-car (and I know you wouldn't).
> What happened to nice Audi-logo'd Lloyds carpet mats??  Did 
> the Audi lawyers kill them for selling something that the 
> dealers won't sell me because they are NLA??
> Dave F. with UGG-A-LEE Canadian Tire front mats. (Please stop me).
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