[s-cars] Buick Grand National comparo

mlp5 mlped at qwest.net
Sun Jul 11 17:34:38 EDT 2004

nal.shtml for some general listing info, & types spanning production years
1978 - @ 1987.  

Along with the Cheby Typhoons and Syclones (? Cyclones), they formed a
family of potentially serious high bhp, very fast quarter mile cars.  See
http://www.syty.org/ which appears to be active.  My guess would be you came
across one of the earlier MY, &/or relatively unmodified or sick versions.
OTOH, I'd be willing to bet the Buick guy was mumbling to himself about the
need to get his car checked over after failing to simply walk away from an
old 5 cylinder Audi.  Certainly wasn't this car



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>> Has anyone ever mixed it up with a Buick GN?
>> I had always heard that they were pretty quick, but was 
>never sure how 
>> quick.
>Be careful.  Be very careful.

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