[s-cars] Rubber mat source?

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Sun Jul 11 20:04:26 EDT 2004

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> Sean:  What colour mats did you buy?  I was told at one point that ecru
> mats were NLA.  If that is not true, I will order some.  I guess even 
> if
> they are black I will order some if they are available.  Dave F.
> Sean Douglas wrote:
>> Weathertech is correct, they have those rubber mats that have all the
>> ribs in it that hold 2 gallons of water. Not my cup of tea, but I
>> thought Tony of Ottawa? might be interested.
>> I just bought the OEM replacments for my car from Guildford Motors
>> because I think they will be NLA soon.


The ecru have been extinct like the emu, uh, dodo for several years, 
since it was the most popular interior after black and grey.  You can 
still get the OEM mats in black, blue?, and cyclamen I think it is.  I 
bought the beige mats (whatever they call them) to save the 
irreplaceable ecru mats.  Its obvious the color is off, but its a lot 
closer than black.  Perhaps a little dirt will help them blend in 


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