[s-cars] Buick Grand National comparo

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The interiors on these cars are terrible.  That is about the only thing that
has deterred me from adding one to my stable.  I just could never get over
the bench seat and column shifter.  They are really neat drivetrains and I
like the exterior look.  No, they never came in anything other than black.
They ran 14.0's stock, the GNXs clocked in at 13.5ish at an astounding 106
mph!  Of course this was at a time that Vette's were running 14.0 and
therefore the GNX wasn't heavily advertised with real times as it violated
GM's "Thou shalt not be fatser than a Corvette" rule.

They are very easy to turn into dragstrip beasts.  However, for my choices
it would be the '89 Turbo Trans Am.  Same 3.8 liter Turbo V-6 in a much
better package that handles like it's on rails.  It also ran a 13.5.  There
were about 1500 of these made.  The only unfortunate thing was that they
never made either car with a stick.  Since the 3.8 liter was a Buick block,
which continues to this day by the way with the supercharged Pontiac Grand
Prix GTPs, there wasn't ever much demand for a stickshift in any type of
vehicle so retrofitting it is also not so easy.


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Yep, still a Buick, but if you're after straight line performance,
they're hard to beat, especially if you're chasing a turbo drag racing

Now if I could only find one on the cheap that needs a new motor...

Black, of course.  :-D


On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 15:37:45 -0400 (EDT), Charlie Smith
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> Earlier, Noah wrote:
> >
> > Take a ride in the GN and you will be ready to barf. That's one
> > fugly car inside and out. Seriously, any liking/envy I had for those
> > disappeared when I first sat down on the pillowytopped seats. It's like
> > wearing an Elvis impersonators outfit. Eeeeewww.
>   Hey, they're a Buick!
>   Whatdja expect?
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