[s-cars] Buick Grand National comparo

Joe Pizzimenti joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 07:25:59 EDT 2004

Well, considering Audi had 3 years to figure out how to make the B6 S4
handle as good as the E46, I'd say they did okay, but still aren't
without their problems.  Take a glance over at Audiworld and you'll
see how they're having engine/gearbox failures, which doesn't really
inspire too much confidence in the brand.

Now where's that new M3?

On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 05:23:56 GMT, lebakken1 at netzero.com
<lebakken1 at netzero.com> wrote:
> Noah said.......
> "Take a ride in the GN and you will be ready to barf. That's one
> seriously fugly car inside and out. Seriously, any liking/envy I had for
> those cars disappeared when I first sat down on the pillowytopped seats.
> It's like wearing an Elvis impersonators outfit. Eeeeewww."
> Bingo.
> Gee grandma, can I soup up your Buick? It will go reeeealy fast in a straight line, but that is about it. You won't even know, since you are such a light foot anyway.
> I guess for the 1/4 mile crowd, it is a good car.
> If I had one, I would go straight to the jewelry store for their biggest gold chain and medallion. With my initials in diamonds.
> You know what the saddest thing is?
> If you think of domestic production from say, 1978 to 1995, 6?, 7?, 8? The Buick GN is the ballsiest car there was. There might be a Corvette in there somewhere, but I find two gold chains uncomfortable.
> Fortunately, domestic products have improved somewhat. My 2000 Yukon XL does what it is supposed to do, and it is pretty much the only car that can do it. But it already rattles everywhere, the paper thin leather is showing what three kids can do, and a pothole sends shudders through the car. But I knew this going in. If my S4 did that, it would be gone.
> It is the WHOLE package that counts. Kinda how the S4 beat the M3 in Car and Driver (R&T) this year.
> Craig Lebakken
> 94 S4
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