[s-cars] MAF to turbo hose torn

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Mon Jul 12 15:05:47 EDT 2004


The eS2 guys may need a different hose - I think I read something on that
list about the hose needing to be longer (or shorter?) for the eS2.

I'll hung on to the old intake hose.  Let me know if I need to send it

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> No worries, I'll sign you up... you're #21 on the list! You broke the 20
barrier for us... :-)
> Can someone that has access to the eS2 list forward this GP to those
> Tom, keep that torn hose, we may use that to send to Samco as the test
> Cheers, /James.
> P.S. Visions of packaging Samco hoses out the back of a pickup are coming
back to me... Oh you guys should have seen the look  when I told my better
half I was doing another Samco group buy, she just stopped and stared at me
like I lost my mind, rolled her eyes, and mumbled something as she walked
away... LOL !

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