[s-cars] MAF to turbo hose torn

Kevin Day kday at ultrameta.org
Mon Jul 12 23:08:20 EDT 2004

On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 10:34:15PM -0400, Mark Strangways wrote:
> Not true.
> I had my lower turbo to crossover tube come off.
> I was able to drive on the highway home.
> Now don't expect any boost at all, cause you ain't getting any.

I guess your turbo could be sucking enough air past the MAF to keep the
computer happy.  But TWICE now I have forgotten to re-attach the MAF to
turbo hose and have sat in the drivers seat baffled as the engine
starts, catches, and dies.  I suppose the computer could have different
behavior for a bogus MAF signal at startup versus other times, though.
I hope it does, come to think of it.

'94 S4

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