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if you have stock EM and no evidence of any leak, you may have to take the
head off to check for cracked head  above #2 (or another) exhaust valve. I
had this problem on 92 S4 and I know of at least 2 other listers with the
same problem. In my case the disappearance of cooling fluid got worse over


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Thanks for the all the input..  I have checked, tightened and or replaced
all these aforementioned items.  Engine compartment is totally clean.  I
have changed to red g12 about a month ago and there is no residue
which presumably the red would leave.  Leak developed well before that,
first time at a track event, which would seem to speak to stretche head
My oil filler cap DID have a gunky residue (coolant?) which I cleaned last
week.  Didnt really think about it being coolant though.
So I believe I'll get the ECS $150 head gasket kit but will leave the job to
my mechanic who has done each and every repair mission perfectly. 
I think I'll use Raceware studs as ya know I love P parts and I think they
are the same used by APR.  I also think they're $180 to $200 last I looked.

stay tuned.. 
Bill m

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>And get some ARP head studs in there, wouldya?
>Now where'd I put that can of worms?
>On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 22:47:03 EDT, djdawson2 at aol.com <djdawson2 at aol.com>
>> Bill,
>> The first time you fire it up in the morning... try hanging out by 
>> the tailpipe and see if you get any of that sweet smell.  If it is a 
>> regular leaker, it should be evident.  Also, look in your coolant 
>> reservoir for any signs of oil... and finally, look at the underside 
>> of your oil filler cap for any signs of a coffee colored sludge.
>> Good luck,
>> Dave in CO
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