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Mon Jul 12 10:39:39 EDT 2004

-- Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com> wrote:
Well, considering Audi had 3 years to figure out how to make the B6 S4
handle as good as the E46, I'd say they did okay, but still aren't
without their problems.  Take a glance over at Audiworld and you'll
see how they're having engine/gearbox failures, which doesn't really
inspire too much confidence in the brand.

Now where's that new M3?

What is funny about that article I read, about the new S4 being the better car as the current M3 and the MB/AMG C26(?) is that not once was quattro mentioned. Lots of kudos for the Audi being the best "package", but then forgetting a significant part of that package. Odd.

I barely have enough time to stay current with this list, so I really have not followed the other ones much. Surprising to see engine failures from Audi. That is one thing they have always seemed to do well. The gearbox......still surprising. What happened to all of the way overbuilt drivetrains?

Audi must be taking lessons from GM, and designing everything to a margin of 1.01. Sad if this is true.

I am sure that the new M3 will spank most cars. I have to admire BMW for putting out a complete package from the get go.

I had alot fun on my S4 testdrive though!

Craig Lebakken
94 S4

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