[s-cars] audi gods got me

marc weiner marcweiner at comcast.net
Wed Jul 14 00:54:16 EDT 2004

Well I responded to the "how many mileson your car" thread a few days back- by stating how I was at 218k miles w/ all my boost goodies, etc. and never stranded and the audi gods bit me in the heiny this morning as I was driving to work - alternator decided to go belly up on me - and low and behold I was stranded for the 1st time ever . . . guess I forgot to knock on that wood.  On the bright side, 218k on the original alternator ain't so bad  . . . hoping that is my last surprise for a while as I just finished up putting a big chuck o change into a 215k mile service (belts, H20 pump, O2 sensor, plugs, fluids, filters, rear brakes,  and leaking power steering hose replacement).
Marc Weiner, 
94 S4 Hoppen stage IV, etc.

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