[s-cars] Neu S4 v. M3 -- was Buick Grand National comparo

William Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 14 09:08:23 EDT 2004

Yeah, I agree. Audi is certainly playing in the same ballpark as the M3 with the new S4, but they're playing the game their way. Pretty much what Rod&Truck and Car and Driveway decided in their S4 vs. M3 vs. C32 comparisons. Audi was chosen #1 by both mags, because the S4 was a better street car for the street and the M3 was a better race car for the
street. That's why I bought the neu S4 -- that and I just love Audi's and V8's.

I have a BMW M Roadster and very much like the car. No argument that BMW builds some  fast and fun to drive cars. I also have a WRX Wagon for hauling the dogs around -- the dogs agree that it is fast and fun to drive. And then there's the Ur S4, which I have had trouble parting with, since we got the neu S4 -- fast and fun to drive, too. Seems to be a
pattern emerging here.

Audi enthusiasts seem to go out of their way to either bash the M3 and justify their S4 ownership, or to complain that Audi is not building a great car like the M3 (duh, buy an M3). Some seem to come to terms with the fact that Audi and BMW both build some fine cars and are secure in their Audihood,  manhood or whatever.  :-)


Evan Levine wrote:

> I don't understand why people keep comparing the M3 and S4, as far as
> handling goes you're talking about a 2 door rear wheel drive coupe,
> and a 4 door all wheel drive sedan. I simply don't see why there is an
> expectation of competition.

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