[s-cars] 95.5 Avant Pics

Rob Pecsar rpecsar at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 14 23:36:42 EDT 2004

Will's intercoller looks interesting, i.e. not squirreled away like the 
factory solution. Do you know if that is a stock front bumper clip? And 
who makes his intercooler?


Rob Pecsar
95 MTM 1+ & looking for a cooler denser charge...and no ping on 
California premium gas

CaptMagu at aol.com wrote:

>Here's a link to Will Griffin's beautiful 95.5 Avant. He did make some 
>corrections on my previous post. He has a 7A cam vs RS2, the Avus rims he has were 
>part of a Euro Group Buy of several years ago and the rims are 17x8 with the 
>correct 35mm offset. He also has an Autometer 30lb boost gauge at the A-pillar 
>and the valve cover and compressor cover on the Garrett T3/T4 are polished;-)
>Hap, takin dahkine pics in Evahboost, Maguire
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