[s-cars] Re: Weird stumble

Marc Swanson mswanson at sonitrol.net
Thu Jul 15 08:26:15 EDT 2004

> Got some responses,
> Yes I have another BPV around I'll try.   Coils/POS or
> coilplug ends?  Could be any of them.

My plug boots were ugly and I had quite a stumble that only showed up
occasionally on my S6.  Replaced them, it still does it.  I think I
found the culprit:  loose hose clamp on x-over pipe hose.

>   I may just wait till it does it all the time or just
> plain drops a cylinder 'cause then I can swap POS's
> and move coils around.  
> If I do get to the DE event at the Glen in August with
> the Shelby Club that is exactly when it will do it
> full isn't it.

Murphy's law.  Yup.

> Come on car, come on.  Screw up NOW

hehe, now there's something to wish for!  Oh the fun the Audi gods are
going to have with you....

-Marc Swanson-
95.5 //S6 Avant
87 4ktq
88 90q

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