[s-cars] OEM Windshield

Sean Douglas quattro20v at telus.net
Thu Jul 15 11:50:41 EDT 2004

Hi All:

I just had my windshield replaced and I relunctantly accepted an
aftermarket glass. Its not Sigla or Sekurit, but made bt Pilkington of

I just noticed that the black opaque banding around the front leading
edge (by the VIN) is not very wide and it does not hide the interface
where the vinyl dash butts up to the body. Basically, I can see the red
paint of the body when I look through the glass while standing outside
the car.

Its not a big deal, but it bugs me.

I do not have the original windsheild now to compare and the glass
compamny is saying that they are "all like that". Can anyoneone with an
original OEM glass measure the width of the black banding at the leading

Mine is 1/4 inch of soild black, then 1-1/2 inches of black dots
measured from the rubber strip on the wiper trim plate.


Sean Douglas
1997 Audi S6//RS2-spec
1990 Audi 90 quattro 20v

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