RS2 EM Studs, was RE: [s-cars] Right angle drill I could borrow (CT area)?

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Thu Jul 15 12:17:22 EDT 2004

> The N 906 486 01 should be the p/n for the 27 mm stud. It's a
> european-spec part and is not available through the regular dealer
> channels. The standard leangth stud is 35 mm and has an unthreaded
> portion (shank) in the middle. I do not know if the RS2 studs are
> supposed to have a shank or if you have a generic 8 mm stud.

Must be a generic stud or something.. I ordered all my parts through a
regular US dealer and the part has that number I gave you on the
packaging.  Must be something different?

> The OEM studs have a slightly different thread for the part that threads
> into the head, its flattened and "locks" into the aluminum head. Also,
> the OEM stud has a chamfered end about 3mm long with no threads on it to
> allow starting the nut easier.

yes, I can always duplicate that without too much difficulty since it
looks like I'll be modifying some new stock studs for the shorter

> The measurements of 27 or 35 mm is measured from the unthreaded shank to
> the end of thread and does not include the chamfered end or the part
> that threads into the head.

Thanks, forgot to ask about that... will be helpful to know when I mod
the studs!  So in other words, 27mm of length from the surface of the
head to the end of the stud.

-Marc Swanson-
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88 90q

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