[s-cars] broken stud removal tools

Jerry Scott jerryscott at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 15 13:14:35 EDT 2004

Another possible solution might be to try liquid nitrogen (LNG) on the 
stud after you get  a hole drilled and the extractor inserted.  There 
are LNG suppliers in all large cities and are listed in the Yellow 
Pages. I found a source from General Air here in Denver.  They said to 
buy a thermos bottle that has a metal liner (not a glass liner), then 
drill a small vent hole in the cap.  They will fill it for $18, and it 
will last about a week if you keep it in the refrigerator.  You may be 
able to apply this over the stud with a glass pipette tube, to shrink 
the steel so that it could easily be removed.   My doctor has a small 
hand held LNG gas cylinder that he uses to burn moles off the skin.  He 
said that he got it from an industrial supplier and not a medical 
supplier.  The guys who steal wheels use LNG somehow on wheel lock studs 
and nuts to get them off without needing the removal tool.  This is just 
a thought that might help with your problem.  Be careful using LNG as it 
will make some ugly burns anywhere it touches the skin. 


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