[s-cars] 2B plates installed with a twist

Neil Swanson neilsphoto at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 21:45:40 EDT 2004

Hey GB'ers

Slow day at the shop today so I took the time to
install the 2B camber plates.  I'd been eyeballing the
plates for a few days prior and decided I could
install them in a different orientation and get wads'o
caster and still have all the camber adjustment I

Backround:   When the car stock with the stock camber
plates pulled all the way out I had .75 neg camber. 
Meager caster.

With H&R V8 springs and ECS camber plates I had the
stock top plates pushed almost all the way in and was
able to get the same -.75 neg camber but still meager

I remember someone asking if the 2B plates could be
used with ECS plates already installed. Well you can. 
And the reason you'd want to is caster.  Those who
have installed the 2B plates and reported the settings
afterward haven't gotten the caster I was looking for.
 These cars are dying for caster.

Most will install the plates with the sliding center
as the camber adjustment and the rotating outer ring
for caster.  This is what 2B suggests.

With ECS plates (maybe with Igors' redrilled holes
instead)  getting the right camber isn't an issue. 
You will have no problem getting a nice camber for
number for good tire wear.   

With ECS plates and 2B plates the sliding center can
be used for the caster adjustment and you'll get the
strut about 3/4" back off center for caster.  The
outer ring will be used for camber.

Just a little more metal must be trimmed to fit the 2B
plates with the offset of the ECS top plates.  Even
with stock top camber adjustment plates metal must be
trimmed to use the ECS plates.

So the install went smoothly.  I have them set now for
max caster and max positive camber.   My well trained
eye tells me I am at near zero camber, maybe not ideal
yet but I couldn't get on the Hunter rack to tune the
alignment.  I set the toe with two boards against the
tire and a tape measure.   Low tech but effective.

So while I can't post my settings here yet, I will
soon, the car tracks dead straight.  My ride home is
tramlining hell on I-95 in CT.  Truck ruts so deep a
Mini Cooper disappears.   The car was very very stable
and believe me I know this road.  It is crap.   the
steering has some weight, it corners very well as the
front end seems to dig in more.  Adding caster also
adds neg camber when you turn.

If I had a stock ride height S-car I'd add the plates
just for the caster alone.

Also the solid bearing top mounts feel absurdly good. 
Not at all what I expected.

I'll follow up with my alignment settings, some photos
and more comments.

Neil Swanson

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