[s-cars] EM stud length

Jerry Scott jerryscott at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 16 20:40:15 EDT 2004

Measuring the old removed stud  from the shiny part of the non-threaded 
part to the end, looks like .630 in..  This is the distance that the 
stud went into the head before bottoming out on the shoulder of the stud 
or the bottom of the hole, (not sure which).  Be sure to use a flat 
bottom tap when cutting the threads, or you may go too far and break out 
into the water jacket.

Philip Mische wrote:

>Well, thanks to long-ago busted EM stud I'm doing a little head drilling myself.  I know there's water in there somewhere and I don't want to find it with my bit.  Since my new studs aren't here yet I don't have one to measure to ensure I've got the hole deep enough.  Anyone know how long the in-the-head portion of the stud is, or depth of the tapped hole, or both?
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