[s-cars] Fan Not Operating

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 16 20:46:57 EDT 2004


On my car I think the fan relays are #2 and #3 at the front of the box,
centre row. The high speed relay is #3. There should be a label inside the
lid of the relay box telling you what relays are in which position.


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Do you remember which relay it is.  I have a Bentley for the 200's but I
don't have one for the S4.  Thanks!


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Your fan relays are in the relay box under the hood, drivers side. There is
a resistor pack mounted down by the intercooler somewhere. When I had this
problem on my '94 S4 the fan harness connector was burnt - you have to
remove the front bumper and intercooler to get to the connector. Well, you
don't have to do that on my car - now :o).

I narrowed down my problem by pulling the Stage 3 relay and checking for
power feed - there was power, so the fan fuse & power feed circuit was OK. I
then shorted out the power terminals in the relay socket with a jumper - the
fan still didn't run, so the relay circuitry and resistor pack were not the
problem. That left the motor and the harness, so I checked the harness first
and found the burnt connector.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Hey guys, I was wondering where I would find the fan relay (i.e. which one
and is it under the drivers footwell or under the hood) and temp switch for
the fan.  My fan is currently not operating and the fan that runs off the
engine isn't quite enough to keep up, especially with AC and a hot summer
day.  Thanks!

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