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Mark and all,
    Although I have not fitted my front bumper over my car's new massive
fmic, here are a few driving impressions......
    The car dyno'd at 293whp and 304wtq and it's at least at those numbers.
Chris' similarly equipped RS2'd S4 minus the fmic dyno'd 273whp and 285wtq,
a difference of 18 whp and 19 wtq.
    At around 120mph, my car began to seriously pull away from Chris' S4
which leads me to believe the engine is breathing much better and  even more
so at higher speeds. (164mph, for instance)
Intake temps always remain around ambient  within 10 degrees or so.
    Whether you plan on tracking your car or not, I will put this in the top
5 mods for the S-car
Brakes, Suspension, RS2 upgrade, HID, FMIC
Thanks to Dave Stone and Brian Billotti for this beautiful piece of
functional audimotive artwork!
Also, A huge thank you to Mihnea Cotet for the street and race programming
with a flip of a switch!
93 S4
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> Matt,
> I'm curious how your experience with the new FMIC compares to some of the
> comments flying around the AudiWorld S Car Forum. Some comment that boost
> threshold drops 400-600RPM compared to stock IC. Hap indicated ASW testing
> showed 25+ WHP improvement with Dave Stone FMIC on RS2's. Does this seem
> line with your findings? I know you have one stout car. Also, if you don't
> slot your bumper cover, I'd be curious how that works out.
> I want to take you up on your offer of a ride sometime, but I already have
> big enough shopping list to sustain myself for now ; ) . Thanks again for
> putting the tuning session together.
> Mark

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