[s-cars] helicoils

Philip Mische pmische at comcast.net
Sat Jul 17 22:09:27 EDT 2004

Ah yes, the hot topic du jour, at least in this household.  

For my exhaust stud hole threads that aren't up to par I'm going to put in helicoils.  An 8mm 1.25 X 12mm long helicoil calls for a 0.71" deep hole (with a bottoming tap, which I don't have - yes I know I can grind it) - has anyone had water jacket problems at that depth?  

And if the insert goes in as far as it can and it still stands proud of the hole can the install tool be used to de-install an insert for trimming and reinstall?  (I feel pretty lucky that I've gone this far messing around with cars & machinery and I don't know these answers!).

Btw I remember the Chevy guys routinely using Permatex (the ol' brown stuff) to seal their fasteners that went into the water jacket.  



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