[s-cars] Coolant Leak!

Evan Desjardins evan at relivmaine.com
Sat Jul 17 22:47:38 EDT 2004

SHeads -

I seem to be having a fairly serious coolant leak on my '95 S6.  I just 
brought the car to be inspected and I was suspecting that I was having 
some kind of leak or vanishing coolant so I had them pressure test the 
system and they said everything was A-OK.  Well, I checked the oil 
today and found that it was a little low, put some in and looked over 
and my coolant tank was almost empty!  I had been checking the ground 
for coolant and hadn't found anything, so I was pouring some in and my 
wife said "It's coming out all over the ground!"


I located where it's leaking from and since I don't have any kind of 
manual or Bentley's I took some pictures to show you all to get some 
insight on what this part is that's spewing coolant from my baby.

Here's the link:  http://www.geeksbrewing.com/coolantleak/

Also, is it normal for these cars to consume a bit of oil in a month or 
two of hard driving?  Seems like I have to put a quart in every so 
often to top it off.

95 //S6

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