[s-cars] O2 Sensor Reading from VAG-COM

Brian Powell atomicham at mac.com
Sun Jul 18 09:47:28 EDT 2004

Does anyone know if there is a way to get the O2 sensor (lambda) 
reading from VAG-COM?  I found a number of channels with Lambda ratios 
and had four ratios displayed at the same time.  They were all 
different and made little sense.

I'm curious if I can get the voltage reading ( 0 to 1 volt ) that comes 
from the normal O2 sensor.  I just want to make sure that with the new 
RS2 goodies, it isn't getting too lean (which is all a normal O2 sensor 
can really give you: the extremes).

I have the chip to build an O2 sensor (just need a few LEDs), but, it 
would be easier if I could use the VAG-COM tool I already have.


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