[s-cars] Anyone ever try Water Wetter?

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Sun Jul 18 11:07:45 EDT 2004

The thermostat regulates engine temperature.  If the cooling system cannot
reject enough heat temperatures will rise, even with the t-stat wide open.

Pure water can absorb more heat than glycol.  Adding glycol raises the
boiling point (and lowers the freezing point) but diminishes the amount of
heat that can be absorbed.


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> No coolant additive will make your car run cooler persay - that's the job
> the thermostat. What Water Wetter will do is increase the thermal
> conductivity of the coolant to aid in heat transfer from your engine. If
> you're running into overheating problems in hot weather try running
> water/coolant first. Water wetter will help a bit more if that doesn't get
> you what you want. Just don't forget to re-adjust the mixture back to
> if you encounter freezing temperatures.
> hth,
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> >Was talking to a friend into motorcycles today and he said it would make
> >the
> >car run cooler. Anyone ever try this in their car? Is it compatible with
> >the
> >Audi super special coolant?
> >
> >It is just so friggin' hot here today I want to help the old girl out...
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