Subject: [s-cars] Coolant Leak

Mike Platt mplatt911 at
Sun Jul 18 13:54:40 EDT 2004

Looks like the after run coolant pump to me. The
plastic cracks and it usually leaks when you shut car
down. You can pick one up at most on line parts
sources for like $100. It's a 15 minute job to

Good Luck
Mike P ( did mine two years ago)
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SHeads -

I seem to be having a fairly serious coolant leak on
my '95 S6.  I just 
brought the car to be inspected and I was suspecting
that I was having 
some kind of leak or vanishing coolant so I had them
pressure test the 
system and they said everything was A-OK.  Well, I
checked the oil 
today and found that it was a little low, put some in
and looked over 
and my coolant tank was almost empty!  I had been
checking the ground 
for coolant and hadn't found anything, so I was
pouring some in and my 
wife said "It's coming out all over the ground!"


I located where it's leaking from and since I don't
have any kind of 
manual or Bentley's I took some pictures to show you
all to get some 
insight on what this part is that's spewing coolant
from my baby.

Here's the link:

Also, is it normal for these cars to consume a bit of
oil in a month or 
two of hard driving?  Seems like I have to put a quart
in every so 
often to top it off.

95 //S6

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