[s-cars] suspension rattle and brake upgrade

motogo1 motogo1 at cox.net
Sun Jul 18 21:45:16 EDT 2004

Check the  caps that hold the strut cartridges in place  to make sure they
are tight.


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> hey listers,
> I have two questions for the experts.  the first question is about the
> suspension in my '93 s4, there seems to be a rattling in the suspension
> I can't seem to figure out where.  when I check underneath there doesn't
> seem to be anything loose or anything, but it sounds like a bushing may be
> worn out.  are there specific bushings that would need replacing that
> can suggest I look at?  it sounds like it's coming from the front of the
> or possibly somewhere toward the middle, I can't really tell for sure.

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