[s-cars] Increasing ait intake...

Tony tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 18 21:56:36 EDT 2004

So whilst cleaning out the air intake box under the filter and the hoses, I note that the hose of the primary air inlet from just behind the grille to the air filter box is not as wide as the outlet hose, and may even be erstrictive. This would suggest that the air in the hose to the MAF isn't under a lot of pressure. Can't say I can qualify that statement but just summise!

Question is, would the air induction system, and hence the performance of the car, benefit either from a wider primary inlet hose or a secondary hose to bring more air in to the filter box thus increasing air pressure thru the MAF?

I have the stock air box and filter in place. TIA

96 S6

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