[s-cars] Stumbling along under load

Bob Frizzell bobfrizzell at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 18 23:39:41 EDT 2004

Thanks for your help.
Regarding previous post, I hadn't reread Darin's message.  The 1111 code at
the end consisted of relatively long flashes indicating the end of the
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> > Thanks, I forgot about those.  It seems to be 2-1-1-3, then a long one
> > I interpret as being the start of a new phase.
> 2113 would be the camshaft position sensor.  Was your car running while
your dumped the codes?  If it wasn't running then that is why you are seeing
the 2113 code.
> Once you dump the first code connect the jumpers again for four seconds to
see if there are any more stored codes.  Repeat until you get four long
flashes which signify the end or the stored codes.
> Darin

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