[s-cars] Increasing ait intake...

Tony tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 19 19:09:45 EDT 2004

Thanks Hap. Seems as tho I've stumbled on to something - recall I've only had my S6 for two years. It just seemed counter intuitive to have the inlet narrower than the outlet in the airbox

So, is the mod worth doing. The author of the article stated the stumble was happening at high revs and one can't get 96, let alone 98, octane gas here in Ontario. Anyway, I wasn't planning on doing much driving at 6000 revs!

I've also noticed that the air intake hose from just behind the grille gets quite hot. This would be a good candidate to have an aluminum blanket

So what to do. I may just attempt to increase air intake by adding a second intake. Not sure where to draw from but it would be an alternate scheme to replacing the original.


96 S6
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  Do a Google search for Negative Boost. This was an online Autospeed.com article of quite the lore from several years back.

  Hap, rememberin dahkine in Evahboost, Maguire 

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