[s-cars] Samco Clamps - Torque - another ?

manuel manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Mon Jul 19 22:50:52 EDT 2004


I too am wondering about the proper clamping force, I'm most concerned with  plastic intercooler outlet. On my first attempt I didn't clamp it with enough force and I blew the hose off on a hard 3rd gear pull, and my car didn't limp home it completely shut down. After wrestling with the hose for a few minutes I got it back on and used more force, but I am very concerned about breaking the plastic intercooler outlet, has anyone ever cracked theirs?  I can definitely tell that the amount of force on the metal throttle body is much more than on the plastic intercooler outlet.  I am worried that if I blow a hose again I may lose the clamp, I'm carrying the old spare and some tools, but this is disconcerting.  Thanks in advance.


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