[s-cars] Bose head unit notes

Kevin Day kday at ultrameta.org
Tue Jul 20 00:31:55 EDT 2004

On Mon, Jul 19, 2004 at 10:32:21PM -0400, Mark Strangways wrote:
>    Actually that is fairly low level.

1.8 volts RMS is definitely within the bounds of "fairly standard", 
and in fact is substantially hotter than the conventional line level
of 1V.  The important point is that the signal is compatible with
virtually any aftermarket amplifier.

>    A lot of high end components now seem to be 5 volt or even 10 volt.

But is that typical?  I don't think so.

>    Makes noise a thing of the past.

Only noise coupled to the wiring.  If someone comes up with a solution 
to the noise coming from outside the cabin then maybe I'll start worrying
about whether the noise floor of my car stereo is at -80dB or -100dB.


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