[s-cars] Anyone ever try Water Wetter?

R. Mair waves at comcast.net
Tue Jul 20 21:29:02 EDT 2004

I love the stuff. I use it in anything that does have not the thermal
capacity to loose heat faster than it can be generated. Audi's in general
have good cooling systems. The radiators, pumps and circulatory system are
fairly efficient. OTOH, drivers who run their cars hard in high heat areas
with low humidity, with AC on perhaps, run the greatest risk of running
warm. Water wetter can help bring the temps back down to more normal levels.
I would not use it if you car runs normal temps most of the time. You can
stress the t-stat by constantly bouncing the temps off it's close point, and
then having it reopen again. In our race car, we run distilled water and a
pump lubricant/anti-corrosive additive for the best thermal efficiency. In
my audi i step down to about 30% coolant and 70% filtered water for summer
driving, then jack it up to 50/50 for winter. By all means, try water wetter
if it seem to be running a little warm, but make certain you are no masking
a lingering problem by doing that.

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