[s-cars] 17X8 Bolero tire choices?

Evan Levine evan.levine at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 09:07:31 EDT 2004

John, when going from a 225/50/16 the closest thing to the same tire
diameter in a 17" wheel is a 225/45/17. A 245/40/17 is (depending on
tire, everyone is a little different) almost exactly the same as the
stock size we're intended to be running, and that would be my

A 245/45 may fit, but it will eat up less fender gap than you think,
will throw off your speedometer/odometer by a few miles, and will
actually make your car slightly slower by changing the gearing.

I would go with the 245/40 if I were you and handle the wheel gap with
suspension. The bottom line here is the UrS cars look like Allroads
stock, and no tire is going to change that drastically.

Roughly speaking a 225/50/16 is 25", 245/40/17 is 24.7" and 245/45/17
is 25.7". Simply too large in my opinion. Better to be off by .3 than
.7, and I promise the wheel gap won't look much different, it's going
to be huge with any reasonable tire you can find.

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:53:29 +0000, jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net
<jpb3wvu at frontiernet.net> wrote:
> Gents,
> I have a set of Boleros that I purchased and used on my V8 that were
> from a Canadian S6.  They had yoko's 245/40 on them and looked
> ridiculous on my V8, talk about a Rancho gap!!!  Well, I have since
> added the S6 to my stable and now want to put the Boleros on the proper
> car.  My question is with the stock suspension I am currently running
> (and will probably go through a set of tires before that is
> changed)should I proceed with a 245/40 series tire or can I go to a 45
> profile and not have clearance issues?  The reason for the taller
> profile is that I would like to minimize the tire to fender gap as much
> as possible.  Am I wrong in thinking that the set of Boleros with
> 245/40 series tires will have a bigger gap than the stock US S6 16"
> Avus wheels with 225/50 tires?  Thanks for any insight!
> John
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