[s-cars] Another S6 won't start

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Wed Jul 21 13:25:26 EDT 2004

It might be a fuel pump, as that seems to be quite a common failure,
however a fuel pump will not cause a CEL.  If the CEL is related to the
no start, I would have to guess cam position sensor.  That is a fairly
common one too.  We are both getting ahead of ourselves though.  Start
with the codes.  I carry a jumper wire and DTC list in my glove
compartment so I can have the codes and meanings in a minute.  Some
people who tinker perhaps too much have installed a switch in the car to
pull the codes.

Gabriel Caldwell

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The S6 has had an intermittent CEL the last couple of days,
I was planning on pulling the codes tonight.
So of course when I get in the car this morning it won't start.
Plenty of battery, starter seems fine, turns over and over over,
but won't start.
Any guesses before I get the codes? Could it be the fuel pump?

Chris Palmer 
95.5 S6 Avant
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