[s-cars] Another S6 won't start

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> The S6 has had an intermittent CEL the last couple of days,
> I was planning on pulling the codes tonight.
> So of course when I get in the car this morning it won't start.
> Plenty of battery, starter seems fine, turns over and over over,
> but won't start.
> Any guesses before I get the codes? Could it be the fuel pump?
> thaks,
> -- 
> Chris Palmer
> 95.5 S6 Avant

Have you been following the thread on CPS codes 2113 ?  That was 
probably throwing the codes for the CEL .   The good news is that there 
are lots of Bosch replacements available at less than half the dealers 
price.   Check out this thread for more info.  Most listers that have 
had the car a while have replaced this item, early failures only had 
dealer parts for replacement at about $400 plus labor.   If this is 
your problem, you can check and clean the connector near the front of 
the fuel rail cover,  and the failure is usually intermittant for a 
long while.  Mine required about 10  waits in the parking lot of 30 
minutes or more before the car would start.

Tom '95 S6 been there too

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