[s-cars] DIY FMIC - Almost done, hit a small snag...

Trevor Frank tfrank at symyx.com
Wed Jul 21 17:26:51 EDT 2004

Weld a bead on it...
Use a wiggens and weld it to it, no silicon tubing.

Ship it to me I will put the bead on for free.

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I have the DIY FMIC nearly done (total costs now are ~$550), but I need
to roll a bead on the ends of the aluminum tubing. The options I know of

1. Have it done locally at a machine shop ($100).  I'm leaning this way.
Technically great but a little pricey.

2. Buy my own machine ($400).  Charge everyone who will go after me like
$40 to roll a bead on their pipes to recoup the costs.
http://www.vansantent.com/bead_tool.htm  This is technically good but

3. Do it by hand with a press.  Free but scary.

4. Use an aluminum epoxy ($10).  I have heard of some racers doing this,
and apparently it works, but I sweat when a piece of the epoxy flies off
and goes into my motor.  Scarier than #3.

5. Your super cheap and super brilliant idea here.

The sooner I get an answer to this problem the sooner I will post up
pics and a parts list.

Gary Lewis

1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold, RS2
Injectors, Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works
'999' P/N) with 50mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor
wheel), TurboXS Type 25 Bypass Valve, Bilsteins, Eibachs, Big Reds, Spec
II Clutch.

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