[s-cars] DIY FMIC - Almost done, hit a small snag

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Wed Jul 21 18:45:16 EDT 2004

Gary: You da man (if you can bring this in for about US$600).  While I have am not keen on having to trim (hack) my bumper support to do a FMIC, it may not be possible to do my "'bent" vertical flow FMIC without some trimming.  With 6 inch high vertical flow (Spearco) cores and say 3" top and bottom tanks, I am still looking at 12" high.  Even with the "bend" in the vertical flow core, this is a lot.  I haven't finished the cardboard mock-up that was started last week so I don't know the answer.  In the mean time, your answer looks VERY attractive cost-wise.  Do you think there is any chance of welding extra bumper reinforcement on the outside of the bumper support to compensate for the metal that you had to trim away?

Dave F.

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